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Our tips to help you remain calm when flying

Posted on Thu February 5, 2015.

Some love the thrill of flying – everything from the taking off, to the turbulence, to landing. But for many of us, flying isn’t a fun experience. The thought of being so far up with nothing in-between you and the ground but distance isn’t a nice thought. So we panic; we become anxious and start to think of all the things that could go wrong. To help you remain as calm as possible during your flight we’ve put together a few tips.

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Six South African delicacies you need to try

Posted on Thu January 8, 2015.

South African cuisine is as diverse as its people, so wherever you’re coming from, whatever your taste they’ll be something for you. But if you’re a little adventurous and want to truly take South Africa in you’re going want to try these six dishes.

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How to Plan a Gap Year

Posted on Mon December 29, 2014.

A gap year is the modern day rite of passage for school leavers around the world. Nowadays, you find that the majority of young people have spent a significant amount of time travelling or living abroad. There’s absolutely nothing stopping you having the experience of a lifetime too and planning a gap year.

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10 Ways to Save Money for Travelling

Posted on Mon December 22, 2014.

In all likelihood you’ll need to spend some time saving up before you go travelling. You’ll of course want to save as much as money as possible to make it a great trip. The worst thing in the world would be making it to your dream destination and not being able to afford to do anything while you’re there!

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5 of the Best Bars in Johannesburg

Posted on Mon December 15, 2014.

Of course you’ll want to experience the history and culture, and splendid sights that the city has to offer. But we’re sure that you will want to let your hair down and head to a few nightspots during your stay in Johannesburg too. Because boy does Joburg know how to party!

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