6 ways travelling will change your life

Posted on Tue October 13, 2015.

As if you need any more reasons to go travelling, here are the ways that travelling will change your life – in the best ways possible!

As if you need any more reasons to go travelling, here are the ways that travelling will change your life – in the best ways possible!

Appreciate more

When you come back from travelling, no matter how long you were away for, you will find a new appreciation for everything. All those things at home – your family, your friends, your possessions, your life – will be seen in a new light, and you realise how truly lucky you are.

Different values

With this new appreciation of things in your life comes brand new values. It’s less about uploading your Instagram snap and waiting for the likes to roll in, and more about actually living the moment, the view and the experience... and then maybe uploading a stunning picture to Instagram to show off. You discover what really matters and you won’t want to go back!

New confidence

After travelling and backpacking, you’re bound to have become more independent. Being away from home in a different country, where sometimes there’s a language and culture barrier too, means you’ve most likely gone well out of your comfort zone.

Whilst doing things like booking a hostel in a different language or finding your way around a busy, foreign city alone might have made you feel uncomfortable and afraid once, coming back from travelling will make you realise how much good it’s done for you. Travelling isn’t always easy, but that will make you realise how tough you really are.

Get adventurous

Again, going out of your comfort zone whilst abroad will push you to be more adventurous generally too – it won’t stop once you’re home! You’ll jump at the chance of trying new things; activities, foods, more travelling maybe?

Become more open-minded

The more you see of the world, the more you realise how different it is everywhere you go. The places are different, the cultures are different, the people are different. You learn to appreciate other ways of doing things and other ways of thinking, broadening your perspective! You can learn from every single experience, from the simpler things to the more extravagant adventures. Places are much more than just what’s in a guidebook after all.

Better at packing!

And finally, when you’re home again, you’ll look back on your pre-travelling self and think ‘how did I pack this much stuff?’. You’ll even open your wardrobe and re-evaluate what you really need. Before you were border-hoarder, but now you know that everything you actually need can fit neatly in a backpack.