Everyone You’ll Meet in a Backpacking Lodge

Posted on Mon December 14, 2015.

Making the decision to backpack is the start of one of the greatest adventures of your life. Lodges are utopias of diversity, open-mindedness and acceptance, and you’ll make some of your best friends along the way. Whilst every backpacking lodge is unique, there always tends to be the same type of people staying. Before you set off on your travels, it’s a good idea to become familiar with these types so you know exactly how to deal with them when you’re abroad.

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7 things to definitely NOT pack when you go travelling

Posted on Wed November 18, 2015.

The last thing you want to be doing when you’re travelling is dragging an oversized and heavy suitcase behind you – a suitcase full of things you don’t even need especially. To narrow down your packing, here are the things to definitely NOT pack when you go travelling...

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6 ways travelling will change your life

Posted on Tue October 13, 2015.

As if you need any more reasons to go travelling, here are the ways that travelling will change your life – in the best ways possible!

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What not to do at the airport

Posted on Tue September 15, 2015.

Make a mistake in an airport and best case scenario you make a fool of yourself. Worst case scenario, you get arrested. But many of these mistakes are simple to make. Simpler than you might think.
To help ensure that your airport experience is an easy one we’ve put together a quick guide on things you shouldn’t do.

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Five Places to Visit in South Africa

Posted on Wed August 5, 2015.

South Africa is one of the most picturesque continents in the world. Frequented by a wealth of tourists from across the world each and every year, the continent offers something for everyone. In order to see everything multiple visits are required. However, there are some places that you really should make a priority to see. Here’s a list of five places the continent offers that you cannot afford not to experience.

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